FWE Energy Solutions

As a spin-off of the Fickert & Winterling Group, FWE GmbH specialises in project development in the field of renewable energies. Since its foundation in 2016, the company has focused on holistic and sustainable solutions.


Biogas – The All-Rounder

Biogas is and remains the most efficient means for the energetic use of biomass and biogenic waste materials.

BiogasTiger can and will make a significant contribution to the energy of the future, without tying up more agricultural land and competing with food production. BiogasTiger’s emphasis is on the use of substances which are at the end of a supply chain and would otherwise not be used.

Our motto is:
From Waste Material to Recyclable Material!

With this process, the conversion into biogas and the energetic use thereof is CO2-neutral and reduces other harmful gas emissions.

Biomethane is already state of the art as a high quality fuel (CNG) for modern gas-powered vehicles.
As a substitute for natural gas, biogas can create self-sufficiency for heating concepts in various fields of industry as well as municipal enterprises.

This applies equally to the private supply of electricity through combined heat and power (CHP).
Within the energy mix, biogas is already taking on the role of “all-rounder,” when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow and is therefore systemically relevant to the energy revolution. Balancing Energy plays an important role in this.

In addition, more and more industrial plants and entire industrial parks are becoming interested in a decentralized, self-sufficient supply of electricity, heating and air conditioning.

Biogas projects of the future can no longer be oriented toward subsidized remuneration but must be competitive with other forms of energy through integration into holistic concepts by means of synergies and cascade utilization.

BiogasTiger can continue tapping into additional potential and, in many cases, offer solutions and reduce the pressure to take action in relation to waste recycling in the following areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Food Industry
  • Municipal Enterprises, Public Utilities, and Energy Providers